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From time to time Infrasonic connects our audience with the experiences and life stories of our Mentors and Musicians of our day and age.

The Goal of "Let's Konnect" is to connect various musicians throughout India by interviewing them and understanding about their journeys to pursue music as a career. We believe spreading awareness that music can be an amazing career choice and that there are many who are following their dream.


Explore the magic of music in our dynamic workshops! Led by skilled instructors, our music institute offers immersive sessions covering everything from instrument mastery to composition techniques. Dive into the world of melody, rhythm, and harmony, fostering creativity and collaboration. Join us to not just play music, but to understand and feel it. Unleash your musical potential in a supportive and inspiring environment.


Embark on a journey with our captivating events! From electrifying concerts to  acoustic sessions, we curate experiences that resonate with diverse tastes. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere as talented artists showcase their prowess. Our music events transcend genres, celebrating the universal language of melody. Join us for unforgettable moments, creating an auditory feast for all music enthusiasts.

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