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Student Welfare and Progress Tracking:

  • Monitor student progress and assess their performance.

  • Conduct monthly one-on-one meetings with teachers to discuss student progress and address concerns.

  • Collaborate with teachers to enhance the curriculum and share meeting summaries with the team in team infrasonic group & MOM Sheet has to be updated   accordingly as per the meeting and discussion with the teachers in a monthly basis

  • Oversee module assessments and grade exams for various musical instruments.

  • Provide support to students preparing for grade exams, including form filling and guidelines , and video review assistance.

  • Ensure timely tracking of grade exams and assessments

Monthly Student Progress Reports:

  • Request and review monthly student progress reports from teachers.

  • Approve these reports before they are sent to students and parents, before 10th of every month 

  • Grievance Resolution:

  • Address and resolve grievances from both teachers and students related to curriculum or any other issues, aiming for a positive resolution.

Hiring/Teacher Training:

  • Conduct teacher interviews and select suitable candidates.

  • Provide training for new teachers to meet the company's standards.

  • Music Events and Workshops:

  • Organize music events, workshops, and master classes for students.

  • Focus on hosting both online and offline events throughout the year.

Quality Management:

  • Implement quality management procedures for both online and offline education.

  • Employee Wellbeing & Monitoring Teacher Progress and Performance:

  • Regularly assess teacher performance to ensure they meet company standards.

  • Support employee wellbeing through various activities and rewards.(such as providing sweets for festivals or anniversaries, offering bonuses, implementing annual salary increments, creating a holiday calendar, planning team lunches, outings, and recognizing and rewarding outstanding performance)

  • Address any issues or problems encountered by teachers and find effective solutions.

HR Records Management:

  • Maintain HR-related records for teachers and musicians in Google Drive.

  • Support to teachers and ops team 

A Teacher Manager at Infrasonic Inc. plays a vital role in ensuring the quality of music education, fostering a positive learning environment, and maintaining a harmonious relationship between teachers, students, and the organization. This role also actively contributes to curriculum development, teacher selection and training, and the organization of music-related events and workshops.

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