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Inspiring Music School Student Success Stories

At Infrasonic school of music we take immense pride in nurturing and supporting the musical talents of our students. Their dedication, passion, and hard work have led to a series of remarkable achievements that we are thrilled to share. In this blog, we celebrate the exceptional accomplishments of our students, demonstrating the transformative power of a music education.

A Symphony of Success of Jewel Lasrado

One of our students Jewel Lasrado has been making waves in the world of rock music. Her exceptional proficiency in Guitar/Vocals and dedication to her craft have earned her recognition both locally and nationally. Recently, they had the privilege of performing Originals, leaving the audience enraptured with their virtuosity and emotive interpretation.

This student's journey is a testament to the transformative potential of music education and the remarkable heights that can be reached through unwavering dedication.

Mastering the Art of Composition

she has emerged as a talented composer, creating original pieces that captivate listeners and showcase a deep understanding of musical theory and creativity. Their recent composition, Jewels Six feet Under, was selected for performance at Mumbai Based RM Clef Music Awards, garnering praise for its innovative approach and emotional depth.

This student's ability to craft such compelling compositions serves as an inspiration to aspiring composers and underscores the rich artistic environment cultivated at Infrasonic school of Music

Flourishing in Ensemble Performance

In the realm of ensemble performance, she has truly excelled. Their exceptional ability to collaborate with fellow musicians, harmonizing seamlessly and delivering captivating performances, has earned them accolades at various competitions and events. Their recent triumph at Mumbai based RMClef Music Awards showcased not only their musical prowess but also their dedication to teamwork and shared artistic expression.

Jewel's success serves as a testament to the importance of collaboration and mutual respect within the world of music.


These success stories exemplify the transformative impact of a music education at Infrasonic School of Music. The dedication, passion, and talent demonstrated by our students serve as a source of immense pride for our institution. We believe that these accomplishments are a testament to the nurturing environment and exceptional faculty that guide our students towards musical excellence. We look forward to witnessing the continued growth and success of our students as they embark on their future musical endeavors.



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